Finding Our Way

Question: At what point in history did humanity lose its way?

Answer: We have never had “our way” yet, it is only in our generation – the so called “last generation” – that we have received the choice, opportunity to “find our way”.

Human history so far has been the chronicle of the constantly, exponentially growing, insatiable selfish, hateful and greedy Human ego. It is due to this ego that we have been going through recurring, vicious cycles, repeated breaking down of civilization that were built on the ruin of the previous one.

And our civilization is breaking down now, after we have “successfully” distorted, corrupted liberal, parliamentary democracy and free market capitalism with our nature.

But this last, truly painful failure has opened the eyes of masses of people who started to recognize our inherent nature behind all the problems. For the first time we started to understand that it is not the world that we need to change, it is not different political, economic, social ideologies, systems we need, but first of all we need to change ourselves.

It is the first time we unveiled our only free choice – to choose to disconnect from, rise above the ego that has been dominating, governing us from the very beginning. In order to use this recognition, free choice properly we need a special, purposeful and practical educational method, which can help us use the ego to defeat the ego in unique environments which will serve as foundations for a future Human society.

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