Becoming Successful With Mutual Support

Question: How do I stop making half-finished projects and goals? Answer: You need a greater desire, motivation, consistency to succeed. And we can’t generate such all-out desire, motivation ourselves alone, as our instinctive tendency for comfort usually cools our initial fervor. This is why in order to keep the goal shining, growing, in order to … More Becoming Successful With Mutual Support

Fulfilling Expectations By Knowing What To Expect

Question: Why are expectations bad? Answer: Expectations are not bad at all. Without expectations, without projecting some expected future pleasure, reward ahead of ourselves we would not be able to move, progress. Or we would only progress by blows, difficulties, intolerable suffering pushing us from behind. In order to not to become disappointed, disillusioned by … More Fulfilling Expectations By Knowing What To Expect

Happily Ever After

Question: How can I live happily ever after? Answer: In order to live happily ever after, you need to identify an overall purpose, goal for your life – preferably something that matches the Human purpose Nature’s evolutionary force determined for you – and then work towards that goal, purpose with all your might. It is … More Happily Ever After

An Overall Goal Providing The Right Perspective

Question: What brings back everything into perspective? Answer: An overall goal. Only when we set up and keep an overall goal, purpose in life can we render whatever happens to us in the right, purposeful way. Only an overall goal can give our life perspective since without such “flag on top of the mountain” we … More An Overall Goal Providing The Right Perspective

Aiming At The Right Goal, With Right Aiming Device…

Question: What are some reasons why your goals and plans are stopping you from succeeding? Answer: If my goals, plans stop me from succeeding it means that they are not the right plans, goals. And the reason why our goals, plans usually stop us and mislead us is that we make our plans, goals with … More Aiming At The Right Goal, With Right Aiming Device…

Fully Aware

Question: Can consciousness be lacking awareness? Answer: I think yes. One can be conscious, but not aware. I would say that awareness is a focused, purposeful consciousness. For example we are conscious that we exist, but we are not aware of the meaning, purpose of our existence. Only when we researched, revealed and fulfilled our … More Fully Aware