Changing Our Perception Changes Reality

Question: Are our lives ordered and predestined? Or total chaos and sheer chance? Answer: Both. In truth our life is ordered, predetermined and absolutely perfect. On the other hand through our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective consciousness and perception we see hopeless chaos, sheer chance, doom. Thus everything – which reality becomes our real … More Changing Our Perception Changes Reality

Coming To An Objective Perception Of Reality

Question: Can we know objective reality? Answer: Only contrasts, comparative research can give us true attainment, recognition. Thus we need to reveal, recognize objective reality against, in contrast to subjective reality! This is of course not as simple as it sounds, since we are all born with an inherently self-centered, self-justifying, introverted and egoistic nature, … More Coming To An Objective Perception Of Reality

Perception Is Reality

Question: Does perception precede reality; and is reality made up of our thoughts? Answer: From our point of view perception is reality, since our reality is what we perceive in our inherently egocentric, subjective way. We can’t even say if there is a reality “outside of us” as we live completely inside ourselves. And this … More Perception Is Reality

The End Of The World As We Know It…

Question: Why does modern society disregard science and facts, favor opinions over research and evidence, and challenge scientific authority that aims to help society? Answer: This is very multi-faceted question. First of all our generation is the most closed-minded and ignorant in Human history. We don’t care about anything else, but to fulfill our instinctive, … More The End Of The World As We Know It…

Seeing Perfection

Question: Does perfection exist? If so, where? Answer: We are surrounded by absolute perfection, we exist in a Natural system that is utterly perfect, governed by a predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan that leads everything to the most optimal final state. But we are completely unaware of this as our inherently self-obsessed, egoistic, subjective consciousness and … More Seeing Perfection

An Amazing Notion…

Question: What are some facts, phrases or statements that you find amazing, inspiring or just plain awesome? Answer: “The whole world is inside me” Nothing else exists in reality only me. What I see “outside” is my own subjective, inner qualities reflected back to “me” from a perfect white “background”. Thus by changing my own … More An Amazing Notion…

How To Measure Perfection?

Question: Is everything comparable? Answer: Yes. Without comparative research, without seeing contrasts we would have no chance of perceiving reality. Even absolute perfection, absolute beauty, absolute truth needs to be compared to, contrasted with its opposite. This explains why Human beings – the only living creatures in reality with the conscious ability to perceive, attain … More How To Measure Perfection?

Ego-Less Immortality

Question: If you were immortal to aging and disease, what would you fear the most on Earth or in the Universe? Answer: My own ego. Without this ego anchoring us to a self-serving, self-justifying, subjective “Matrix” with its distorted coordinate system – that is built on perceiving time, space and physical motion – we would … More Ego-Less Immortality