Quantum Immortality

Question: What is the best way to spend your time if you were immortal?

Answer: We imagine immortality as a state similar to our present life, except that we could continue living forever in the same world, in the same body (?) without dying. I think many would agree that such an immortality would become unbearable after a while, as an old movie with Sean Connery called “Zardoz” tried to showcase, prove.

Fortunately true immortality is very different, it has nothing to do with our physical bodies or with this physical world.

True immortality is a unique state of consciousness, perception of reality we can achieve here and now, while still living as before, in the same body and same world. And if we acquired that state of consciousness, perception it would remain even after the body perished.

Immortal consciousness, perception is like suddenly entering a quantum system, sensing, feeling, tasting infinitely changing, infinitely diverse forces, changes from within. There is no sense of the self, only the ability to observe, participate in those infinite changes.

There is nothing to “do” in real immortality, there is nothing to be “done”, only to observe, absorb, integrate, to become one with the absolute perfection of the system and to justify its perfect existence. By that we also justify our own existence.

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