Far Left vs Far Right

Question: Do you feel like far left ideology and social justice warriors will be the cause of society falling apart?

Answer: If we look at how people who belong to “liberalism”, “leftist ideologies” erupted in “irrational, baseless hatred” since Trump’s election victory, how “political correctness” has become a venomous dogma that is unable to tolerate differing opinions you might be right.

But at the same time we can also observe how the “far right”, destructive nationalism, fascism is fast growing especially in Europe.

If we look at Human history, it is a chain of recurring vicious cycles, as we helplessly fall from one extreme to another. It is because we are blindly governed by our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature. It does not matter in what form this nature expresses itself at the end as a civilization is destroyed.

What we are observing in our generation – at the seemingly inevitable destruction of our own civilization – is that with this inherent nature we were “capable” of distorting and corrupting even the ‘best looking” human system of “liberal democracy” and “free market capitalism”.

At least we can start to see that we will never be able to build a sustainable, peaceful Human society by using politics, economics, social ideologies or even military control unless we start the process by correcting, “upgrading” our inherent nature first.

And this needs a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, as only education can provide the positive motivation, positive examples for such unprecedented, fundamental self-change. After all we also know by now that such changes can’t be implemented through coercion, misleading trickery or illusion.

We need to draw people through these volatile crossroads towards a better future willingly, by everybody making a free choice.

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