We Should All Be Watching Each Other!

Question: Do you live your life imagining that someone is watching (not a god)?

Answer: I think in the age of constantly intensifying mass surveillance, intrusive social media, “smart” phones, “smart” TV’s and computers we have no choice but to be aware that we are all constantly watched (not by God).

On the other hand this has a “positive side-effect”. It helps us become aware of the fully integrated and completely interdependent system we evolved into.

Whether we want it or not we are all parts of an intricately interlocked network. And with every move, action or even thought we influence one another in an irreversible way.

Thus being constantly watched is one thing, but the fact that I am 100% responsible for the state of the whole system with all of my thoughts, actions at any given moment, is a much greater, much more serious revelation of our time!

Thus we all have to get used to watching each other, watching the whole system in order to make sure, to learn how not to cause any harm with our thoughts, actions!

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