Human Environment

Question: What is the definition of a human environment?

Answer: It solely depends on how we define “Human”.

According to the Wisdom of Kabbalah “Human” (the word itself comes from the Hebrew “Adam” which means “similar”) is a “creature” that becomes similar in qualities to the vast, fully integrated and interdependent, cosmic Natural system.

In order for this system to survive, to create, nurture and sustain life, it is built on the qualities of selfless, altruistic, fully unconditional love and service of others. Without those qualities balance, homeostasis and thus life would not be possible. This is how Nature, including our own biological body is working, surviving.

Thus according Kabbalah a “Human environment” is based on the same qualities, where the principle of “mutual guarantee” operates, each member primarily making calculations for the benefit, well-being of the whole collective above the inherent selfish, egotistic calculations.

In order to build a truly “Human environment” we need a special, purposeful and practical educational method that can help us building those unique, above egoistic instinct interconnections.

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