Tribal Connection

Question: If you were to prepare one tribe for an encounter with a colonizing country, which tribe would you choose and how would you prepare them?

Answer: I assume we would need to prepare the tribe in order to prevent colonization. For that we would need to offer the colonizing entity something that is even more valuable, important than what they would get from colonization.

Since we are taking in present tense, in our world today the most valuable currency is the ability to build unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation above differences, despite instinctive mutual distrust, rejection.

Without this nobody, no individual or nation can solve problems in a globally integrated, interdependent world. No natural treasures, raw materials, technology, intelligence can achieve anything without mutual cooperation, mutual guarantee.

So I would instruct my tribe to show a shining, positive example on this unlikely, “supernatural” – above instinctive egoistic nature – unity, mutual responsibility.

And I would use any, or all the original tribes of Israel, since only they have the practical method and historic experience in doing so.

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