Reorganizing Society

Question: What is the best overall way to organize human society?

Answer: This is the question of our times. After all we have just failed with the most promising ideology/system of liberal democracy and its accompanying free market, capitalistic economy. As our civilization is collapsing we have already started reverting back to fascist, Nazi tendencies – both on the “left and the right”. If we do not change our ways we will end in another world war soon.

We won’t be able to organize Human society properly in a truly fair, peaceful, sustainable manner until we recognize that the root cause of our problems is our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy Human nature.

Without changing this root problem all political, economic, social, and military “solutions’ will keep failing, just making our situation even worse!

We have to reach a recognition that this egoistic nature drives each and every Human being regardless of their nationality, culture, religion, gender, social status, upbringing or education.

Only when this recognition has happened – at least in a “critical mass” of Humanity which is said to be around 10% of the population – can we start learning, practicing, implementing the right way of building society.

Our inherent nature cannot be suppressed, erased. We have to learn how to upgrade, channel this irrepressible, insatiable ego in a positive, constructive way, harnessing its power, but using it to build and contribute rather than to destroy and exploit.

The new system Humanity will be built on is called “mutual guarantee”, and the foundations of this ideology/system are based on Nature’s fundamental laws for sustaining balance and homeostasis, interconnecting vastly diverse, seemingly incompatible elements, parts, living creatures into a single, perfectly, mutually complementing system.

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