A Healthy, Collective Mind

Question: What is the single most important aspect to developing and maintaining a happy and healthy mind?

Answer: It depends on what, which mind we want to make happy and healthy?

If we are talking about our inherent, instinctively egocentric, subjective, selfish mind, then there are multiple teachings, programs, techniques to keep that “earthly” mind happy and healthy.

But if we are talking about our “truly Human” mind, which is not individual but a unique collective mind we have to purposefully develop, then the single most important aspect in developing a happy and healthy collective, Human mind is education.

We have to learn how to build such selfless, unconditionally serving and loving interconnections – above and against our instinctively egotistic, selfish tendencies – that will yield that unique, higher mind.

Evolution expects us to finally rise to a higher, “truly Human” level above the blindly instinctive “humanoid” existence we are born with, and this rise is only possible with this new, happy and healthy collective mind, which will have the ability to communicate with, attain Nature’s perfect “Universal Mind”.

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