The Real Meaning Of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

Question: What are some famous out of context quotes that don’t actually mean what most people think?

Answer: There is one famous quote – it’s unclear who said it first – almost everybody knows and everybody misunderstands.

It is the “quote” “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

First of all Humanity unanimously handled this quote as a philosophical religious, mystical saying, nice slogan we don’t need to take seriously. Moreover even if we try to implement it, we think first we need to learn how to love ourselves and then we should love others equally to reach peace, equality.

But in truth this “quote” is an archaic, poetic, symbolic expression of Nature’s most fundamental law for sustaining balance and homeostasis in closed, integrated, natural systems.

And since Humanity is itself a closed, integrated natural system within Nature’s overall, fully integrated, interdependent system we won’t be able to survive of we don’t keep this law.

And, it doesn’t actually means to love others as ourselves. It means loving, unconditionally serving others as if we ourselves didn’t exist, exactly how cells, organs in our body exist only in order to serve the collective unconditionally…

So we can we why Humanity urgently needs a very unique, purposeful, practical educational method, so we could understand how important this “misunderstood” quote, so we could implement it consciously, willingly as soon as possible.

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