Learning To Adjust To “Globalization”

Question: How can we benefit from the advantages of globalization, and how can we avoid its disadvantages?

Answer: Most importantly we have to understand that “globalization” – existing in a globally integrated, interdependent system – is not man-made. It is an evolutionary, survival necessity in Nature that is completely integrated and interdependent.

Thus we have to learn how with our inherently selfish, greedy, subjective egos are incompatible with the Natural system, including everything we have ever invented, built.

So our problems with “globalization” have nothing to do with globalization itself, but they relate to our inherent nature and subsequent inability to interconnect.

So the solution is not political, economic, social, but it is educational, learning how to purposefully, methodically change our inherent nature, so we could finally build a unified, integrated, global Human society – above and despite the irrepressible ego – so we could integrate into Nature and survive.

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