Purposeful Ideology

Question: Do you think people need ideologies to function in life? Answer: I don’t think so. Instead we need to know the overall meaning, Human purpose of our life and the clear developmental plan, “instructions” leading to it. Without such a clear direction that agrees with Nature’s plan of evolution we are just blindly stumbling … More Purposeful Ideology

Greatest Fear

Question: Is there a single greatest fear that has determined the course of your life? Answer: I think at the end of the day – since the individual existence of our self is our greatest treasure – our fear of death dominates us, whether we admit it, sense it consciously, or not. This fear of … More Greatest Fear

The Meaning Of Human Existence: Observing Reality

Question: What is the meaning of human existence? What are our teleological potentials (i.e. what can we become)? What are our teleological imperatives (i.e. what must we become to fulfill our role in the order of reality)? Answer: The meaning of Human existence is to find and fulfill our Human role, purpose in Nature’s vast, … More The Meaning Of Human Existence: Observing Reality

Defining, Refining Human Nature

Question: What is a simple defintion of human nature? Answer: Our matter, driving force is an insatiable desire, yearning for pleasures, happiness for ourselves. This neither good or evil, each and every element, living creature is driven by a similar desire for self-preservation, optimal fulfillment of necessities. Our Human uniqueness – received from Nature’s evolution … More Defining, Refining Human Nature

Implementing “Meaning Of Life” In Practice

Question: Philosophically, what really is the so-called meaning of life and why? Answer: I cannot tell you the “meaning of life” philosophically, as “philosophical meaning” is not really “meaning”, it remains a theory, philosophy. I can only tell you the “meaning of life” practically. Practically the “meaning of life” is to research, find and finally … More Implementing “Meaning Of Life” In Practice

Infinite Wealth

Question: What is the greatest form of wealth? Answer: There is a saying, “wealthy is the person who is content with what one has”. As Kabbalists – unique, empirical, natural scientists who attained all of Nature’s laws, principles, its “theory of everything” – explain “infinite pleasure”, “infinite fulfillment” does not mean something that cannot be … More Infinite Wealth