The Real Problem With Unemployment

Question: Why is society/media so paranoid about AI replacing jobs or taking over humanity, when similar technologies like electricity have brought out phenomenal progress despite their dangers? Answer: You are right of course. Why should we stop progress when automated production could produce all we need much more effectively, probably more cheaply as well. The … More The Real Problem With Unemployment

Battling Depression

Question: How is it possible for friends to help someone battling a mental illness such as extreme depression or anxiety? Answer: First of all it is important to identify if the friend in question is suffering from clinical depression that needs proper, medical help, or the friend belongs to the growing masses of people in … More Battling Depression

Human Lifestyle

Question: What is human lifestyle? Answer: “Human lifestyle” means being Human. And it is not easy being Human. By default we do not live, behave like Humans as we blindly follow our instinctive self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature both individually and collectively. This is why both our personal lives and Humanity’s history is full … More Human Lifestyle

Powerless Politicians

Question: How did politicians become so powerful? Answer: I don’t think they are so powerful at all. I consider them puppets instead. They are blindly led by their own egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying ambitions, while they are also hapless servants of powerful lobby, interest groups that operate behind the scenes. But even those “hidden” powers, interest … More Powerless Politicians

The Horrible State Of Us

Question: What’s the most horrific thing you have ever seen? Answer: The most horrific thing I have seen is people losing hope, losing any goal, purpose in life, escaping into mindless activities, immersing into the readily available imbecile “circus and bread entertainment, brainwash”, or becoming addicted to the various substances that are available even legally … More The Horrible State Of Us

A Human Life

Question: What is your purpose in your life? How does this relate to your career? Your relationships? And your spiritualism? Answer: My overall goal, purpose in life is to study the Natural system of reality we exist in, to unveil its predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan that contains all the cause and effect processes driving our … More A Human Life

The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

Question: How do I build self esteem as an adult? Answer: Since we are the product of our environment, since – despite being born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature – we still need the approval, respect from our environment, we can build a healthy self-esteem by entering the right, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing … More The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel