Preventing The Approaching Armageddon

Question: What specific event would indicate to you that armageddon was approaching?

Answer: If we look at our world today, we can see that a global catastrophe could be triggered at any moment from multiple geopolitical, environmental, economic, financial sources.

Thus it is impossible to pick a single event, forecast.

Instead we would need to find, reveal and then correct the single root cause that will bring us to “Armageddon” unless we stop the present blind, instinctive sleepwalk towards it.

And the single root cause is our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature and the resulting introverted, subjective perception. It is this nature that we need to correct, upgrade through the right, purposeful and practical educational method so “Armageddon” would remain something potential, a mysterious but unfulfilled prophecy…

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