Monolithic Political Power

Question: Is political power monolithic?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer. It seems to us that in countries which still has some resemblance to democracy political power is not monolithic.

Although we are all born with an inherently selfish, egotistic, self-justifying and subjective nature, democratic institutions are designed to force the most egotistic people on Earth – politicians – to “play nice” and use their enormous will, ambitions through the provided channels, curtailing their individual power hungry ambitions.

The problem is that “monolithic” does not necessarily mean individual. And while it seems that individual politicians are “kept under control”, smaller or greater interest groups, parties, global alliances can cement their hold on power through their forceful, paid influence in the media, elegantly, “gently”, shrewdly adjusting the “democratic institutions” in such way, that they can hold onto power for a very long time while still showing as if the country, the world would be democratic.

And considering this there are very few countries in the world which do not have monolithic, undemocratic leadership considering the original, classical norms of democracy. After all the all-encompassing, insatiable power of the ego is the strongest force in reality and no structure, ideology can stop it, it keeps progressing like cancer.

This is why our civilization, which was built on the most optimal, robust looking ideology, structure Humankind could ever invent – liberal democracy with free market capitalism – is now in ruin, sleepwalking towards a global meltdown.

There is only one force – Nature’s unique evolutionary force – that can handle, upgrade Human nature – that is stronger than Human ego. Thus we need to somehow take our evolution consciously into our own hands, in advance inviting on us our next evolutionary state that is a new, unprecedented ability to act above, against the ego!

Without purposefully, methodically changing, upgrading the Human being – learning how to handle, channel our inherent ego – we have no chance of survival against ourselves!

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