Sitting On The Same Boat

Question: Why help others, when these could be your competitors?

Answer: You are completely right. This is what our healthy, logical mind dictates, this is how we are brought up, educated.

Helping others starts to make sense only when – with the help of a unique, global, integral educational method – we start to understand that in the globally integrated and fully interdependent system we evolved into we are not competitors any longer.

Instead our lives are now so intertwined that we all depend on each other 100%. We started to sail on the same – presently sinking – boat, and it does not matter who drills a hole underneath whom. The boat will inevitably sink and we will all drown!

Thus we will have to learn a completely new type of collective, mutual existence called “mutual guarantee”, which is copying how Nature’s elements, parts interconnect and safeguard a fragile balance, homeostasis – that life depends on – into Human society.

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