Global Priority: Adapt To Global World By Mutual Integration

Question: What are the biggest global priorities? Answer: There is only one “great global priority”: reaching a global unity, unprecedented mutually responsible and mutually complementing global cooperation above and despite our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying nature separating us, rejecting us from one another. Since we are all sitting on the same – presently sinking – … More Global Priority: Adapt To Global World By Mutual Integration

Life Means Connection

Question: How does life begin? Answers: Life begins when previously lifeless, very diverse, seemingly incompatible elements achieve a mutually supportive, mutually complementing connection network, in which Nature’s life-providing energy can start circulating. Then higher level of life ensues when simple lifetime, single cell organisms interconnect to form a qualitatively higher level living system. On a … More Life Means Connection

Fearing For Others

Question: Do humans like fear? Answer: Fear is an instinctive reaction to danger of losing something (our life, health, material possessions, loved ones, losing out on something…). We should love fear as it is the strongest motivating factor. Other animals also fear, it is part of the general survival reflex. But we Humans have the … More Fearing For Others