World In Crisis

Question: Is the world really as bad as people say?

Answer: The world is “as bad as it gets”. Actually we are still only scratching the surface of how bad the world is, as we still believe that there is “something good in us” that gives us hope, that things can turn to the better.

But by default the is nothing good in us, since we are all born with an inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature, and our whole world is built upon this nature. This without some extraordinary change we have absolutely no hope.

We can’t call this situation “sinful or evil”, since we had no free choice about the nature we were born with. Free choice starts only when we can choose to change, update our inherent nature.

Fortunately in our generation – together with the obvious, sharp “revelation of evil” – we can also open a unique, ancient, purposeful educational method, which was designed to help our “last generation” in this unprecedented self-upgrade, before our ego self-destructs like cancer.

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