Getting To Know Things – By Becoming Like Them

Question: How are things known? Answer: True knowledge, the highest level of understanding is through “attainment” when the observer equalizes one’s inner qualities with the entity observed. It is like tuning a radio receiver to the right frequency thus receiving the broadcast. Without such complete equality with the observed the observer remains on the level … More Getting To Know Things – By Becoming Like Them

Will Our Generation Be Praised, Or Laughed At (Or Condemned)?!

Question: What will society in 500 years laugh at us for doing? Answer: If there is a Human society in 500 years from now they will not be laughing at us, but they will fondly and highly respectfully remember us as the generation that saved Humanity. If our generation does not wake up to the … More Will Our Generation Be Praised, Or Laughed At (Or Condemned)?!

Instilling Global, Integral Values

Question: What values should be instilled in 21st-century learners? Answer: Global, integral values. We need to understand what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent world, while also understanding that this “globalization” is not man-made but it is an evolutionary, survival necessity. We are born from, still exist and evolve within the … More Instilling Global, Integral Values

We Are In A Pickle Actually…

Question: What was the most complicated situation you have ever stumbled upon? Answer: The most complicated, extreme situation I have ever stumbled upon is the threatening, explosive paradox Humanity find itself in today. On one hand our insatiable, all-powerful, selfish, egotistic, subjective nature has reached its maximum potential in our generation. On the other hand … More We Are In A Pickle Actually…

The Futility Of G20

Question: What global problems have been solved at the G20? Answer: Nothing, and we can’t even blame these people for constantly failing. They are desperately out of their depth. They do not even know what it is they should try to solve, since with our present education, intelligence do not know the root cause of … More The Futility Of G20

Science Is Dead Unless We Upgrade The Scientist/Observer

Question: Is the scientific method dead? Answer: The scientific approach we have been using so far is dead indeed. Especially since quantum physics appeared on the scene. This is why all the classical sciences are becoming philosophical, theoretical since they “lost contact” with any practical possibility to apply what they philosophize about. As we have … More Science Is Dead Unless We Upgrade The Scientist/Observer