An Individual View Of Universal Perfection

Question: Do you agree that there is no individual self but only universal self? Answer: Yes and no. It is getting clearer to everybody now – as we have evolved into a fully, globally integrated and interdependent world – that we have to develop a single, fully integrated Human consciousness, where we all sense ourselves … More An Individual View Of Universal Perfection

Learning To Adjust To “Globalization”

Question: How can we benefit from the advantages of globalization, and how can we avoid its disadvantages? Answer: Most importantly we have to understand that “globalization” – existing in a globally integrated, interdependent system – is not man-made. It is an evolutionary, survival necessity in Nature that is completely integrated and interdependent. Thus we have … More Learning To Adjust To “Globalization”

To Be Or Not To Be, In The Global, Integral World?!

Question: What does “to be or not to be” actually signify in today’s world? Answer: In today’s fully integrated and interdependent global world this expression has a very significant meaning. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. This nature is completely incompatible with existence in a fully integrated Natural … More To Be Or Not To Be, In The Global, Integral World?!

The Importance Of Communication

Question: How do I appreciate the impact of communication on the society and the world? Answer: Communication is extremely important. Basically “life” is mutual circulation, communication between very diverse, seemingly incompatible elements of a closed, natural system. And since today we have been forced into a global society in order to push us towards similarity, … More The Importance Of Communication