Live Mass Extinction

Question: When was the last mass extinction on planet Earth, and what caused it? Answer: It is live on now, as we are already deep in the process of exterminating ourselves and the Natural system around us like cancer. And the cause is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drives all of … More Live Mass Extinction

Finding Direction

Question: How can I get unlost in life? Answer: As with walking in the forest or climbing a mountain, in order not to get lost we need a precise goal, direction we are progressing towards to. It is the same with our lives. If we do not identify early on an overall goal, purpose for … More Finding Direction

Addressing The Global Imbalance

Question: What are the reasons behind regional imbalances worldwide? Answer: It is understandable that from our own personal, national, subjective point of view we see “regional imbalances”. But in truth these “regional imbalances” are part of the global imbalance Humanity has entered quite a while ego. We evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent … More Addressing The Global Imbalance

Positive Nationalism

Question: Why is nationalism usually taught as a bad thing even though many countries that experience surges of nationalism also have surges of economic growth and technological advancement at the same time? Answer: This is due to the very superficial, “loaded”, dogmatic propaganda that is ruling public opinion today. This very cunning, sharply aimed propaganda … More Positive Nationalism