The Real Meaning Of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

Question: What are some famous out of context quotes that don’t actually mean what most people think? Answer: There is one famous quote – it’s unclear who said it first – almost everybody knows and everybody misunderstands. It is the “quote” “Love your neighbor as yourself”. First of all Humanity unanimously handled this quote as … More The Real Meaning Of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

None As Wise As The Experienced

Question: What is something nobody can truly understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves? Answer: There is a beautiful saying, “none as wise as the experienced”. There is nothing we can truly understands until we actually go through it. True understanding is called attainment when the direct, tangible, “tasted” emotional impressions from the actual experience … More None As Wise As The Experienced

Rising From Rock Bottom

Question: What can someone do after hitting rock bottom? Answer: It solely depends on whether the person hitting rock bottom is alone, our that person belongs to a closed, purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment. If one has such ready, immediate mutual support, the recovery, rise from rock bottom starts the moment one hits the … More Rising From Rock Bottom