The Future Of Media

Question: What will the landscape of media be like in 5-10 years? Answer: It depends. As it unfolds today the media – including the entertainment industry – has become one of the strongest weapon of war, as a well-oiled, ruthless and shameless propaganda machinery in the hands of a few. This tendency will continue removing … More The Future Of Media

Unsatisfying Avengers

Question: Were you satisfied after you saw Avengers: Endgame? Answer: Not at all. Besides the usual “Hollywood mistakes” of making everything too drawn out, over the top, syrupy , using the worst, emotion and thought-less cliches in the “peak moments”, trying to impress by putting everybody possible on the same screen at the same time … More Unsatisfying Avengers

The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Question: What would the most politically correct person be like? Would they be nice? It seems like PC people aren’t usually the nicest or happiest. Answer: When one is forced into an unnatural, artificial, pretense state all the time, one cannot be “nice”. Moreover in order to keep such an artificial state alive one has … More The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Defining Politics

Question: How do you define politics? Answer: Politics and economics are very special indicators, diagnostic symptoms of the actual society. They represent the state of the human interconnections in that society. Due to the “purely Human element” of politics it gives us a more less complicated, precise, sharper diagnosis of who we are, how we … More Defining Politics

Political Dead End

Question: Have you ever witnessed someone having a sudden and complete reversal of a long-held political belief? Answer: Not really. But I have been witnessing masses of people losing faith in anything political, either not voting at all, not caring about what politicians say or do, or they vote for completely unusual, untested, unknown candidates … More Political Dead End

Leadership Crisis

Question: How bad will things have to get for our leaders to face the issues head on? Answer: It doesn’t matter how bad it gets, the present leaders, their ideologies, parties, organizations won’t be able to face issues with the “heads” they have on. They are educated, brought up in our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, … More Leadership Crisis

An Apolitical Solution

Question: What changed your political opinion once and for all? Answer: They say that there is natural progress in man. When one is young, one follows cherishes “leftist”, liberal ideologies, directions but as one gets older and collects more experience one becomes more and more conservative, traditionalist, “rightist”. Since I started studying a unique, empirical … More An Apolitical Solution