The Futility Of Individualism

Question: What are some social ideas that humans have which completely contradict reality? Answer: The most important, mostly Western social idea, concept that fully contradicts reality and thus causes great harm, is individualism, individual free will. We exist in a fully integrated totally interdependent Natural system, and while we have been stubbornly building a Human … More The Futility Of Individualism

The Right Environment Determines Who We Are

Question: How important do you think an individual’s environment is in terms of their development of personality and sense of identity? Answer: This is a very important question explaining Human development and free choice. We are the product of our environment, as it is the environment that supplies our values, aspirations, goals, our culture, the … More The Right Environment Determines Who We Are

Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence

Question: Can humanity function as a completely logical species or does our innate need for self-satisfaction prevent us? Answer: This is a crucial question which will determine the future of Humanity. At the moment we are not a “logical, intelligent” species, as we all act individually, selfishly, instinctively through an egocentric “pleasure/pain” software. Moreover most … More Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence