Authentic Life

Question: Are you living an authentic life? What does that mean to you and how do you stay in the flow for best outcomes? Answer: Contrary to our proud, individualistic beliefs we are not separate entities, that can exist on their own, following a self-serving, self-justifying, subjective operating program. We can’t just do whatever we … More Authentic Life

3 Types Of People…

Question: If there are really just three types of people in the world, how would you describe each type? Answer: Although most of us are unaware of it, we have a unique Human purpose “assigned” to us in Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan. Thus our life is not just a chain of random, accidental frames … More 3 Types Of People…


Question: What is life? What is life like to live for? Where is our life going to go? Answer: Life is sensing a constant desire for fulfillment, pleasures. If we don’t sense such a desire any longer we don’t exist. We think we live in a biological body that defines us. Today we are obsessed … More Life

Changing Our Perception Changes Reality

Question: Are our lives ordered and predestined? Or total chaos and sheer chance? Answer: Both. In truth our life is ordered, predetermined and absolutely perfect. On the other hand through our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective consciousness and perception we see hopeless chaos, sheer chance, doom. Thus everything – which reality becomes our real … More Changing Our Perception Changes Reality